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CPU 5020.4MHz DDR3 2142 CL7 10-7-27 1T 1.650V
ADIA64 Memory Read: 25582 MB/s
Sandra Memory Bandwidth: 28475 MB/s
MaXXMEM Memory-Copy: 28139 MB/s

After CPU clock rises, the test figures of memory bandwidth in ADIA64 and MaXXMEM also rise obviously,
but not in Sandra Memory Bandwidth; this is the main difference amongst the three software.
And about the test figure of bandwidth, even if LGA 1155 and LGA 1156 are both dual-channel design,
the former shows about 20% greater performance than the latter does.
Although Sandy Bridge CPU only uses dual-channel design, its memory bandwidth can compete with that of LGA 1366.

ADIA64 Memory Read: 26605 MB/s
Sandra Memory Bandwidth: 29903 MB/s
MaXXMEM Memory-Copy: 29007 MB/s

Due to the limited scope of bus speed of Sandy Bridge architecture, about only 104~108MHz can be adjusted (depending upon each CPU).
The default CPU bus speed can contribute to achieve DDR3 2133 clock rate, so overclocking would not be a big problem.
If DRAM quality is good enough, performance over DDR3 2200 is not a difficult challenge.

Overclocking performance:
CPU 100.4 X 50 => 5020.2MHz(Turbo Boost disabled; C1E disabled)
DDR3 2142 CL7 10-7-27 1T 1.650V

Hyper PI 32M X8=> 12m 06.384s
CPUMARK 99=> 774

Nuclearus Multi Core => 32585
Fritz Chess Benchmark => 39.29/18859

CrystalMark 2004R3 => 427585

CPU => 9.82 pts
CPU(Single Core) => 2.05 pts

PCMark Vantage => 25062

3DMark Vantage
CPU SCORE => 65044

After 2600K is overclocked from 3.5 GHz to 5GHz, performance increases 20~30% in most software mentioned above.
When CPU is in full usage, voltage only needs 1.392V; hence, 32nm manufacturing process makes overclocking ability much better.
According to the related information I acquired on the Internet, 2600K over 5GHz is not commonly seen;
generally, the scope 2600K D1 is about 4.7~4.9GHz under air-cooling system.
The performance of Sandy Bridge is still better than 45nm 4C8T CPU (overclocking scope is 4.1~4.3GHz).

System standby: 43℃~46℃

CPU in full usage: 74℃~83℃
Intel Burn Test v2.4,Stress Level Maximum

If you want to overclock over 5GHz, you have to increase voltage, and note that temperature also rises much.
If you prefer low voltage and temperature for long-time using, 4.5GHz can be steady under 1.272V only.
Users can set personal setting by their preference.
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