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Please refer to my BIOS setting:
Boot logo:

Main page:
Compliency is AMI UEFI X64 2.0

O.N.E page:
The default setting of Turbo Mode is 38, 37, 36, and 35, with better CPU speeding up mode in version 2.0.
As to DRAM frequency, 1066~2133 modes are supported, so users can enjoy better DDR3 performance.
CPU Base Clock shows 10000, which means current bus speed is 100.00MHz; if it shows 10560, which means 105.60MHz.
Therefore, the item may not show an integer, such as 133, 166, 200MHz.

The setting above is DDR3 arguments, providing users to choose faster arguments; of course, making the system steady is also important.
There are 4 modes for CPU VCore Mode: SPEC Volgate/Auto/Offset Mode/Fixed Mode
CPU VCore Offset +0.010~+0.520V
CPU VCore Fixed 1.000~1.790V

DRAM Voltage 1.300~2.200V

CPU Configuration:
Some functions about CPU, such as common HT technology; you also can choose how many cores you want to activate.

PC Health Status:
With built-in monitor chipset, you can know main voltage or temperature information.

As to overclocking, this time it is not necessary for LGA 1155 to adjust too many items.
So just focus on CPU voltage, clock multiplier; and DRAM clock, arguments, voltage.
Due to the limited scope of bus speed (about 5~7%), using K series CPU would be a better choice to overclock substantially.

As to DDR3, I use US brand CORSAIR high-level DOMINATOR-GT series—the latest CMT4GX3M2B2133C9.
GT series use red and black as colour matching; in recent year, more and more motherboard and DRAM also use the two colours.

The argument specification is CL9 10-9-27 1.50V.
Compared with DDR3 voltage specification (1.650V) recommended by Intel, 1.50V only of GT 2133 can make the system steady.
AIRFLOW of Red-black version with DOMINATOR-GT makes the appearance quality nicer.

CPU 3502.8MHz DDR3 2135.2 CL7 10-7-27 1T 1.650V
ADIA64 Memory Read: 22132 MB/s
Sandra Memory Bandwidth: 28132 MB/s
MaXXMEM Memory-Copy: 21755 MB/s
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