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My System Specs


Hey Gingerbee, Good to hear from you again bro. Im starting to think so too. Thats a good idea seeing if it would run fine at 1333@1.5v The thing is that my mobo does support 1600mhz, even 1800 O.C. Im kinda thinking though, that theres a few steps im missing because Asus here has all kinda's of features that might clash or lock it from being changed from auto or default. /SIGH I just don't know. I wish it was more simple.... maybe your right and the Ram just ain't great for this mobo. It passes all the test at default though. Anyhow.. I'll try your advice 1333mhz/1.5v ?? 1.5v ?? will this be the right Voltage for 1333mhz?

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