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Question HDMI gives fuzzy text

Hi been looking at your site for months and was a great resource in my first build.
When I attach a VGA via adapter to the video card, my Window 7 64 Bit control panel sets at 1920 x 1020 and look perfect. Using the HDMI cable, at first the image had a boundary, I fixed that easily using Catalyst, but the text is fuzzy, if I look at a webpage the text is fuzzy but the graphics look mostly correct. I am guesing it has something to do with my Viewsonic, however the supported computer resoultion is not one control panel shows, it shows 1980 x1020, and I have tried using cataylst and setting to 1080i and 720p but no improvement. Any suggestions?

BTW I have looked at most GOOGLE solutions but half them are blaming cables and the others dont seem to apply.

Viewsonic 24" Supported Computer Resolutions 1360 x768 [

Fractal Design XT Titamium
Corsair 6 GB XMS 1333 (should have bought 1666 rookie error)
Asus P7P55D-E PRO
I5-duo 650
Seasonic Bronze 520Watt
Black Cavier 7200RPM Sata3
Pro Color 900 MGHZ 6870

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