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Originally Posted by Edgrafix View Post
.....I say keep things simple, and only install what you need. ..

Thanks all. I finally install the server in workgroup, an in few months I will add a second server and change for a domain, I make a discovery ( at least for me); XP home work stations can access server files even if it's not join to the domain..... is there fun when it's too simple ?

Originally Posted by odis172 View Post
In a workgroup, the server acts just like any other computer in the workgroup. The 10 user limitation will apply, ..
No it's not another computer, it's a server, as I discover servers have no 10 limitations, they are limit by the CALs. but.........

Originally Posted by odis172 View Post
Thats if your running a domain. It would then be limited by the number of CALs you have

MS with 2008 don't check or validate the CALs, so the server work fine with 5 CALs and 15 clients on it, againts the licence but it work fine. I was very much surprise. But anayway, cost me only $ 260 and I'm 100% ok.
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