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My System Specs


I had the voltage at auto since the mobo won't post with user set voltages, had the onboard GPU @ 900mhz core was at 4.3ghz believe it was 1.52v in CPU-Z. System went into hibernate from idling when i woke it the display didn't comeback. After restarting (and swapping memory for no good reason) windows has locked up when booting every time.

Ran memtest and passed, CPU is on stock everything. Posts fine everything in bios seems good but windows locks up. (locks up in restore, normal boot, boot from disk but memtest runs fine)

Although the first time this locked up the HDD made some rapid loud clicking non stop... Maybe HDD failed?

I got class early tomorrow but I get out at 10am so I guess tomorrow I'll pop it in my main rig and see if windows boots for it. (and format it)
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