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Default AMD + SLI - Suggestions?

I got an MSI NF980-G65 motherboard recently from another member and feel like giving SLI a try for the first time in a couple years. Its a 980a chipset that supports up to tri-sli at 16x/8x/8x. I already own a GTX285 2Gb.

Should I:
A) Sell the GTX285 2Gb and buy 2x decent Fermi cards
B) Sell the GTX285 2Gb and buy 3x of the above for some tri-sli fun.
C) Keep the GTX285 2Gb and try to find another for SLI
D) ???

What do you guys think? Please keep in mind that this is a budget project since this system will be a secondary gaming system and might someday be running 3 monitors (3x 1900x1200) so some horsepower is needed.

Thanks, yet again, for your opinions and ideas everyone.
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