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Thumbs up Apple Releases OSX 10.6.6 & Launches App Store

Gotta say I was expecting a complete clusterf*ck like when MobileMe was released but browsing through it, I actually rather like this thing. I like the fact it ties your purchases to your AppleID much like other stores have done, so you only need to buy something once and you can use it on all Macs you own. It also has finally split up suites such as iLife and iWork into their individual programs however the pricing I can't quite comment on, because once it's installed, I can't see the prices anymore However they're around $15US so the Canadian equivalent will sure as hell be cheap too.

A number of Mac Users have also been giggling due to discounts on their favourite software, such as Aperture for $80 (Down from $200), Remote Desktop $80 (Down from $200 as well). The discounts do not only apply to software made by Apple Inc as well, companies such as RealMac Software which develops the ever popular RapidWeaver HTML Coding Suite offers a 50% discount for purchases through the AppStore. It's also not without it's standard barrage of free applications either - Twitter used the AppStore launch to release it's new OSX Client which runs quietly in the background however integration and syncing with the iOS counterparts still seems to be absent.

Since the public announcement for the Mac App Store was made by Steve Jobs, Mac Forums had been buzzing with users complaining it was making OSX far too much like iOS, however many users seem to have done a complete 180 this morning after it was released and they had a chance to browse through it's offerings and how it was integrated into Snow Leopard. Actually...I was one of those people too

Apple Canada - Mac App Store
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