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Originally Posted by stoanee View Post
The fan opening is the suction side. I would rotate 180 degrees on your first picture so that it would suck from outside the case and vent out the top of your case. It looks like the hole in your case does not line up very good for the intake.
that's my problem - the grill is not lined up good for the fan. if i turn it 180 then part of the fan will be blocked completely by the case..

i also cannot move the PSU back so it lines up correctly because of two reasons:
- i cannot really see any way to mount my PSU then if move it back a little
- because this ImageShackŪ - Online Photo and Video Hosting is then making it even less stable (it's not in the middle then anymore)

nightmare... it's so hard to see these things before buying something, and afterwards it's too late :/

any idea what should i do then ?
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