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Default Corsair AX850 PSU + Silverstone FT02 case


I bought Corsair AX850 PSU and FT02 Silverstone case and i'm not sure how to place my PSU.

in the Silverstone manual it says to place it in the way that air is blown outside the case through it's roof. Not possible, because this PSU is shaped differently. it can either blow the air inside (helping to cool motherboard) or through the back (if it will be very hot then i guess this way is better)

The problem with placing it so the air is blown thorugh the back is that it is partly (1/3) covered by the case, and only in 2/3 there are small holes.

on pic1 i placed it that it is blown inside, on pic2 it's the other way

on pic1 you can see that PSU fan will be partly blocked by the case if you turn it around

what do you advise? how should i place it?
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