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Default Phenom II 555 unlocking help

Hey Canucks,

I just got my hands on a phenom II x2 555 and I'm trying to make it into something that can fold some decent PPD. It unlocked smoothly into a quad core and it's currently being chewed on by prime95 with no errors but I'm having trouble figuring out the temps.

Realtemp gives an unknown CPU 'B55' error and won't run at all.

Speedfan gives me four temps:
temp 1 which idles at 27c, loads at 41c.
temp 2 which stays at 27c constant.
temp 3 which is a broken -128c
temp 4 which is a broken 0c

Should I trust temp 1?

Also if anybody has a unlocked amd dual core experience to share I'd love hearing about it.

Update 1:
Running at 4140mhz @ 1.52v temp 1 in speed fan shows 50c but I can't imagine it being this low, my phenom II x4 965 would get up to 61c with the same clock and only 1.44 vcore

unlocked dual core out performing a quad?

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