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My System Specs


Still have a few questions about it's sort of like how you can repair files on usenet without them being that exact size...Still confused as I'm loosing say 2tb, whats to say the drive has that exact 2TB that I lost and not 1TB of drive 1 and 1TB of drive 2?...I dunno man this is like magical and stuff, hard to understand :(. I mean I get what happens, if I loose a drive in raid 5 I can swap out the dead disk and rebuild the array (also how would I tell what drive died?...would I just keep removing them till I found out what drive was dead or...?)

Let me copy my post from ncix,

So let me get this straight, if I have 3 2TB Drives running in raid 5, and one fails, anyone of them fail. I just need to swap in another 2TB and I'm fine? I really don't get how this works, what if the information I got on the "backup" drive isn't what was on the drive that died? I'm still sort of new to this as I just learned how to use usenet and figured the repair was magical since I never figured it out, raid 1 makes sense to me since there is constantly a full back up of the data you have, raid 5 to me makes it like I only have 50% of a backup?...or does it compress the data somehow?

Also lets do this for example, I have the following set up,

8 2TB Drives in raid5 - how much storage do I have?
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