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Default Overclocker hate... I don't get it.

I've been overclocking since T-bird. I can't understand all the hate coming from the OC community for SB.

"It seems the days of budget friendly overclocking are officially dead on the Intel platform and believe us, it will be sorely missed."

How in the world can a $230 2500K not be considered one of the best "budget friendly" overclockers in the last 10 years? You spend $230 and it's comparable to the previous $1000 980X OUT OF THE BOX. It overclocks to 4.7 on the most pathetic cooling solutions available and it has to be the simplest overclock I've ever seen! I mean christ, what more can you ask for? Who gives a $hit if you can't change the BCLK or FSB (Yes I know you can use a divider!)... The fact that the average builder can now overclock with confidence IS A GOOD THING! Ask yourself honestly: How many people do you know that buy OC components and never do anything with them? I bet at least 50% of the OC targeted parts in the last 10 years get sold to people that never even attempt to use them correctly.

"Max Multiplier + Max BCLK = Max Clock Speed, totally idiot proof."

UEFI + Multiplier + god awful cooling = 4.7ghz = Win
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