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My System Specs


Starting to get some ideas:

Gigabyte GA-880GM-D2H AMD880G mATX - Back to this great board :P. $89
AMD X3 445 & OCZ Gold 4GB - Pretty decent price on this bundle. $127
APEX tX-381-C - Nice small cheap case if I don't get one for $20 on kijiji. $38
Corsair CX430 Nice $20 MIR if they send it to me and price match with canadadirect. $34
HDD is still up in the air as I'm debating going Segate 500GB drive. $42
Optical drive $20

Well, that's all the components I think, not set in stone by any reach. Any thoughts on if the AMD X3 will be worth the extra power, especially considering 2 years down the road? It really pushes me past the $300 price. Any suggestions on if there is a *reliable* PSU under that price or a PSU/Case combo under $70 (with tax and shipping)? The PSU/Case combos I've browsed (below my price) have all had sketchy a PSU.

So, I'm looking at $350.5 with taxes and shipping if I don't get a used case... I guess I'll get a 500GB and maybe not get an energy efficient drive (if I stay with the X3 445).

As I said in a random post, this is more for fun and that's why I'm not looking to buy a $400 dell computer (or similar).

Originally Posted by Just for fun
So, why not compare the cheapest Dell just for fun?
Proc: AMD X2 240 vs AMD X3 445
OS: Win7 Home premium 64 vs Win Vista HP 32
Mem: 2GB DDR3 1333 vs 4GB DDR3 1066
HDD: 320GB 7200RPM w/smart cache vs undecided 500GB
Warranty: 1 year basic service plan vs Warranty on parts
Bloatware Minimum (according to website) vs No bloatware

Everything else is the same, except mobo, psu, & case are not compared.

Price: $430.50 vs $340

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