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My System Specs


Originally Posted by JD View Post
Just get a 500GB hard drive for <$50. Western Digital Blue, Seagate 7200.12 or Samsung F3. ~$70 for a "green" 640GB seems too expensive.

AMD Athlon II 250 (or similar) with a AMD 880G motherboard should be solid. And roughly $100. No need for i3/Sandy Bridge IMO. All this PC is going to do is get filled up with malware anyways

A Shuttle case would come with PSU and Motherboard though if that's the route your going. It likely be more expensive too.
It's a $56 HDD and I'm picking that one up because it is a fast, energy efficient, drive and they do some light work with photos (+6 MB file sizes for each photo) and some work related stuff from time to time. Yeah, they don't really need the extra IGP power of sandy bridge, but this is my first time looking into this market, so I don't know prices, etc. I'd like to make this 'different' from a cheap dell by having a better performing computer at the cost of extras such as blu-ray drives, etc.

I was just thinking of buying a used shuttle case with nothing in it (I've seen the odd one online).

Originally Posted by joatabe View Post
and when you're going to buy a computer for the non-computer-literate people in your family isn't a hd of 640gb a little to big? i think you can better buy a cheaper and smaller one
looks like a 320 gig or even less.

do you want a single core or a dual core possessor?
and how many gb of ram do you want?
and last but not least what do you want them to do with the computer?
things looks like office emailing or also doing some more stuff?
I'd rather spend a bit extra money to get a larger capacity drive, even if they only end up using 300 GB. I got the green for energy performance but I got a more expensive model that has a higher level of performance.

Dual core as a minimum. I don't want to make something that feels sluggish or slow in a year.
RAM isn't a big issue as I'm good with shopping for that once I know my mobo.
As stated above, they do some photo editing and a bit of work at home. The rest is pretty simple browsing and streaming.


If I can get this build under $300, that's my goal, but looking at the price of sandy bridge threw me off track with my estimates :P I'm doing this more as a short fun project, so I'm not really worried about being able to buy a cheap dell or something to get a bit more for my $. I have a windows vista OEM disk kicking around somewhere, so they'll probably be getting stuck with win Vista ;) *Evil Chuckle*

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