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Hold up a second chibi,

I have that motherboard and let me tell you there are lots of goods and bads.

The BAD:

- almost nobody can achieve 1066 ram speeds with or without a phenom. 1066 support on this motherboard is VERY buggy. If you don't believe me, browse the asus forums for the motherboard ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Forum-

- In order to achieve near 1066 speeds, users have been selecting 800 speed and overclocking the FSB to all hell. That is great, unless you have a phenom, and essentially zero headroom. I have a 5000+ BE and I manage DDR-942 on relaxed timings.

- tight timings also seem to be next to impossible on this motherboard. My OCZ sticks are NOT stable at their advertized speed/timing/voltage settings.

- The board is simply immature and unstable. Frequent lockups and crashing is common, tempermental non-booting issues, etc.

- Very bad RAID support, good luck installing vista on RAID drives or anything other than IDE for that matter

- WIFI still does not work after several bios updates, and when it does work, causes mad cpu use, and conflicts with other devices.

- Terrible crossfire performance numbers. Nobody seems to be able to get past the 13K area, whereas a comparable intel system scores 15K+. Also triple crossfire does not work for anyone that I have heard of. I haven't tried it yet, but plan to.

- Terrible BIOS and manuals, support, descriptions of bios settings are non-existant and results are unpredictable.

- SoundMax chip crackles on most games I've tried so far. Many users are experiencing this issue.


- You get to be an AMD fanboy still
- Gaming performance seems to be good when it doesnt crash.
- Mine is stable enough while I'm using it, it just crashes when it sits idle.
- Asus should get a hang of this board eventually, future CPU support (45nm) should be good
- Most users can achieve high overclocks on X2 processors on lower voltage than other boards.
- All the copper, man!

That being said, I got the OCZ Platinum 2x2gb kit. They run at 471mhz, ddr-942, 6-5-5-17.
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Mobo: DFI 790X-M2R
Proc: AMD PHENOM X3 720
Ram: OCZ Platinum 2X 2GB @ 1066
VIDEO: 3 x Visiontek HD3870

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