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Default Core temp VS CPU temp

Ok, so i've read a billion articles about this, and now i'm confused as ever.

I have a phenom II x3 @ 2.6GHz, with unlocked 4th core & OC'd @ 3.25GHz, running with Coolit ECO & AC MX2 Thermal Paste.

Using speedfan, I see CPU temp of 29C to 30C idle. I see CPU temp of 46C to 47C load with prime95.

So, my questions:
1. Are core temps lower, or higher, than CPU temps?
2. Is the "danger zone" of 55C referring to CPU temps or Core temps?

I've read that core temps are lower than reported cpu does that mean my core temp is roughly 22C to 23C idle...and 39C to 40C on load...based on my figures above?

If the danger zone of 55C is referring to CPU temp, i guess my temps are okay? Thanks.
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