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My System Specs


Just get a 500GB hard drive for <$50. Western Digital Blue, Seagate 7200.12 or Samsung F3. ~$70 for a "green" 640GB seems too expensive.

AMD Athlon II 250 (or similar) with a AMD 880G motherboard should be solid. And roughly $100. No need for i3/Sandy Bridge IMO. All this PC is going to do is get filled up with malware anyways

A Shuttle case would come with PSU and Motherboard though if that's the route your going. It likely be more expensive too.

RAM, cheapest DDR3 you can find basically. I'd go with 4GB since it's only like $50.

As for speakers, just get a monitor that has speakers in it as that's fairly common. Much better than trying to put speakers inside the case.
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