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My System Specs

Default Cheap family computer ideas?

Hey, I'm looking to build a budget mATX computer to give to the non-computer-literate people in the family. I'm going to buy mATX (partially for cost reasons) and use integrated graphics. I'm looking for something that's cheap as possible, but better than a laptop and doesn't compromise reliable parts.

My biggest question though is AMD + integrated graphics, Sandy Bridge i3 when it comes out, or bulldozer? I'm not a big fan of using a dual core as more software vendors are optimizing for threaded applications, but I'm keeping CPU + IGP < $130.

-CX430 PSU ~$30 after tax/shipping
-Shuttle case if I can find one, otherwise any other mATX case. (budget = $40 before tax)
-WD 640GB Caviar green ~$70 after tax/shipping
-RAM is TBD based on CPU choice.
-Monitor+keyboard is their responsibility to buy.

UPDATED: Check out post #12

Also, I would like to have an internal speaker so they don't have to buy a speaker set if they don't want to. Pref is stereo over mono. Anyone know if they still sell ones that are PC case friendly? I'm hoping this build will come in around $350.

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