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Default Intel i7-2600k

The 2600k is the only good Sandy Bridge folding CPU. Now that the NDA has lifted who is thinking of getting one? If you already have one what TPF's are you getting and what clocks seem folding stable?

The mobile quads have amazing power saving for web browsing etc. but they can also run at very high clocks. I think it will be nice if the mobile i7 quads can fold bigadv, with proper cooling they can maintain 3.0-3.2Ghz on all four cores which with the IPC improvements should match an i7 920 at 3.5Ghz or more.

The trick with overclocking the 2600k should be finding a safe 24/7 voltage. It looks like with the new BIOS update many chips should be able to hit 5ghz+ even on air cooling but we don't know yet if 1.5V is safe.

At 4.9Ghz with 1600mhz ram I found a bench showing a 2600k got a TPF of 24:52 on a p6900 which is 50k ppd. Not bad because at these speeds they only draw as much power as a stock clocked i7 950, around 200W.
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