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Originally Posted by Delavan View Post could this "supposed" lauch come out so "stealthily" when Sandy was leaked to death, and sold before NDA's end...

Could it be that "unknown" CPU LINUS was refering too in one of the techtips?

Bulldozer [Interview with LINUS NCIX]

There was one CPU they wouldn't talk about in there...was it the 1100T, or something different?
The 1100T has already been released and is even a part of current CPU reviews (even the Sandy Bridge review). How could they be announcing something that's already out? - Buy AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition Thuban 6 Core Processor 3.3GHZ Socket AM3 Retail Box - HDE00ZFBGRBOX In Canada.
This is why Sky's slip about tomorrow is so interesting, cause I've haven't heard a peep about the 4th + AMD (I even googled it like crazy last night, didn't find much substantial news anywhere).
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