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My System Specs


Inik, your going to hate the mouse. thats what have right now and while the keyboard isnt too bad, the mouse is straight horrible. I ended up throwing the mouse away since it stopped tracking after 3 months, its that bad, I didnt even want to bother with a rma or anything.

On the keyboard side every so often for some reason or another one of the keys will stick, not the key itself but I guess it gets stuck on the input side. But all in all its not a bad keyboard it works as it should.

On the mouse side, from the start it would some times register a double click when only clicked once or vice versa it was very finicky. The mouse went through 2 AA batteries a month, if your one that buys cheap batteries dont expect them to work more than a couple of weeks. The mouse tracked good for the first couple of months then started getting erratic, I checked the drivers and setpoint everything to no avail and it became unusable.

in the end though I honestly cant complain to much since a got the combo at Target for $15us .
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