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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Samsung has some of the worst ghosting I've ever seen on their 3D TVs. I regularly play PC games with 3D Vision so I thought I was used to the sensation but after watching 10 minutes of the Leafs versus Habs game, I was ready to hurl all over the floor. Panasonic and Sony the same issues.

In my opinion, 3DTVs are simply NOT ready for prime time and the current generation will likely turn people off big time. Novelty items and nothing more.
Was that a true 3d broadcast though or was it the 2d-3d conversion? From what ive heard the conversion isnt nearly as good and i can see it causing some ghosting since it has to convert everything on the fly.
Anyways i ended up getting to best buy at 2am, got in store at 6am to find out my location had none of them in stock because it was too small so i picked it up in store on wednesday.

I waited to get the glasses which i had to order off of futureshops website for $50 more, but does anyone know how futureshops tracking system works? Its telling me the estimated arrival date is Jan 1st-Jan 4th, but there is no actually tracking info available so i dont know if thats when it will arrive for them to ship.
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