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My System Specs

Smile Talking to "God"

I am going to put this here move it if you guys want to.
Asking fore "sticky"

If you could wisper into the hardware / Software Gods
What would you ask fore in the next Geneartion or even 2 to 3 Generations doun the line.
What do you want Gaming to look like ?
What would you change in Hardeware ?
How would like drivers to do fore you?
Bios tweeks ?

"God" wants to know what your Ideas are.
SANTA in a year or two will put it under the tree fore you if you tell "God"

About me : I am not "God"
Im 44 years old
I don't spell well
I will try to undrstand what you post and wisper into "God"s ear
"EVGA hunted down the last dozen or so expats living in Karachi." SKY
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