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My System Specs


Originally Posted by ZZLEE View Post
Look fore 970 Ive seen em at 400$
new or used? I wouldn't buy the 970 over the [unlocked] 980 with only ~10% price difference, but I'm in no rush to upgrade to a 6 core from my 930. I'm more than happy to wait and see if I can get a good price when the 980 is discontinued. Yeah, I'd rather buy new as you can never tell if some idiot ran his CPU at 1.5 vcore without telling you :P but Intel has such stupid pricing because they are basically a monopoly (sorry AMD, they got everybody optimizing for their specs). So a bit of yes and a bit of no on a potential price drop [on new] when the lga 1366 6-cores get discontinued... It's too bad that the sockets have to change with sandy bridge.
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