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Well...NCIX has the G.Skill F2-8000-CL5D-4GBPQ for $120 with NO MIR. And it'll get cheaper if it's on this week's sale.

If you want some cheaper RAM, I'd go for the 4G 6400 Ballistix if on sale...i believe they were $99. But with the G.Skill you are guaranteed 1000mhz...although the ballistix shouldn't have a problem hitting that speed. The Patriot 4G LLK set should OC well too, but it has an MIR. The Mushkin HP2-6400 should OC decently, but maybe not as high as the other ones...but the support is superior. I think you should also check out the Corsair 6400C5DHX as they seem to overclock pretty well.
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