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Default The Price to Performance ratio...

First off, let us all go mad thinking about all the different DDR2 ram choices.

I've been through a number of "Tom's Hardware" reviews and a few other forums that have talked about the best DDR2 ram. However Getting some go answers for whats available at this time is a tricky thing to do.

The only good thing I know is that theres always a RAM setup that works best for your application and price range.

I'm going to be running an Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe board. If AMD puts out a killer black edition quad core in the next month or two, I'll surely have it. Then when the HD3870 prices official drop in every store I'll go stir crazy on them.

I've set a limited price range for ram because I have found that the price:performance ratio is royally screwy. Like if I was to say performance ram "a" and "b" are priced possibly anywhere from $10 to $50 apart (figurative numbers of course) then theres performance ram "c" which is like $200 maybe $300 different.

With that in mind I don't want to spend much more then $125 on DDR2 ram if at ALL possible. My current favorite pick at the moment is the OCZ PC2-8000 VX2
Considering at one time that ram was in the $400 price range and now $105, I think it's a pretty KILLER buy. Especially if I decide to buy 2 bundles and sit with some quality 4gb of ram in the end.

Theres just to much selection for me to make a good call.

What problems have you had that you can relate to?

If you can't beat it...
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