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WindowsExperience Index - CPU 7.3

PCMark Vantage => 7701

After Core i3-540 OC to 4.14GHz, the performance increase 30% comparing to default 3.06GHz.
Also compare to previous AMD X4 640 CPU OC to 3.6GHz.
i3-540 reply on own higher performance and frequency, it only small behind most quad-core full load software.
In Nuclearus Multi and Core PCMark Vantage, Intel even leads.
Hyper PI 32M and CPUAMRK99 even have bigger gap due to Intel structure.

System Idle - 34~36

CPUFull Speed - 77~79
Intel Burn Test v2.4,Stress Level Maximum

After OC, the idle temperature is similar to default.
Full Speed temperature rise about 20. The main reason is the original cooler too thin and CPU clock increase 1.1GHz after OC.
Due to 32nm manufacture, you just need to use better cooler, you can OC it to 4.4~4.6GHz without any issues.

Power Consumption
System Idle - 63W

CPU Full Speed - 110W

After OC, the idle power consumption increase 11W and Full Speed increase 27W.
The range is very small, but the CPU performance enhance obviously.
The power consumption of dual core plus 32nm is very impressive.

This Intel mainstream DIY PC guide is i3-540 and H55.
The previous AMD mainstream DIY PC guide is X4 640 and 880G.
Letís review the main performance difference in 2 platforms again.
3D part, in non-OC condition, they are very similar, but Intel built-in GPU has better OC ability.
After OC GPU, its 3D performance is better than AMD 880G. The most inconvenient thing is after OC CPU/DRAM, the GPU OC capability will be lower.
880G doesnít have this issue. So both platforms have different advantages.

CPU performance, Intel leads in single core and AMD leads in multi-core full speed mode.
The main reason is that Core i3 simulate HT at dual core mode.
But rely on 32nm manufacture and good OC capability, i3-540 after OC single core performance lead X4 640 a lot.
Even for multi-tasking, i3-540 also leads X4 640 in some applications.

These 2 platforms are similar price and level. It does take time to research before starting.
Includes Case, DVD-ROM to build a PC around 16500NTD and consider quality and performance, I use more high end configuration.
If you have limited budget, you can use cheaper H55, DDR3 2GX2 and 350W PSU.
The PC price will drop to 12500NTD, around 429USD. You can have a most entry Intel PC.

It takes weeks to finish these two 2010 DIY PC guide.
Windwithme will make 2011 guide with LGA 1155 platform.
Thanks for all readers and friends support in 2010. Hope next year the PC movement can be faster, and price can be lower.
Letís look forward the new platform few months later. :)

This year, I only share two DC reviews. Itís too busy for me to share more DSLR. Hopefully, next year I can improve this.

This article is also in my blog WIND 3C. Any comments are always welcome.
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