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DDR3 Parameters Setup Page
If your system is unstable after OC, you can fine tune non-Auto items.
For example, you can change to 2T or rise the CL to enhance the stability.

Voltage Page
Pull high CPU clock, you needs to add CPU Vcore. Pull high DDR3 clock or better latency, you need to add DRAM Voltage.
If you pull high both CPU and DDR3 clock, ex. 200/1600 or 180/1800, you need to adjust QPI/Vtt Voltage.
In general condition, I recommend DRAM Voltage 1.660V and QPI/Vtt Voltage should below 1.250V.

PC Health Status

Due to built-in GPU, i3-540 cannot run CPU/DRAM at 200/2000.
You only can set 200/1600 or 180/1800 (depends on quality) to achieve the best OC ratio.
If you want to reach 200/2000 as P55 in this All in one platform, you need to add an external graphic card.

DDR3 Bandwidth Comparison
DDR3 1333.4 CL6 6-6-18 1T 1.400V
ADIA64 Memory Read - 8855 MB/s
Sandra Memory Bandwidth - 10407 MB/s
MaXXMEM Memory-Copy - 8116 MB/s

DDR3 1800.2 CL9 9-9-24 2T 1.600V
ADIA64 Memory Read - 11181 MB/s
Sandra Memory Bandwidth - 13510 MB/s
MaXXMEM Memory-Copy - 10778 MB/s

DDR3 1600.2 CL7 8-7-21 1T 1.600V
ADIA64 Memory Read - 11902 MB/s
Sandra Memory Bandwidth - 14362 MB/s
MaXXMEM Memory-Copy - 11690 MB/s

You can see Intel Clarkdale DDR3 performance is similar to AMD platform under non-OC condition.
But after OC, the DDR3 performance is far away ahead AMD.
Even though, comparing to Intel quad-core P55, X58 bandwidth is far behind. But i3-540 has quite good DDR3 performance.
Configuring with CORSAIR 4GBX2 1600, the official spec is CL9. It looks quite conservative.
No matter Intel or AMD platform, it can reach 1600 CL7 8-7-24 1T.
The bandwidth also increases a lot. In Intel platform, it can reach 1800 CL9 2T.

OC Performance Test
CPU 180MHz X 23 => 4140.5MHz
DDR3 1800 CL9 9-9-24 2T 1.600V

Hyper PI 32M X4 => 14m 49.202s
CPUMARK 99 => 644

Nuclearus Multi Core => 16189
Fritz Chess Benchmark => 15.63/7500

CrystalMark 2004R3 => 173900

CPU => 3.46 pts
CPU(Single Core) => 1.39 pts
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