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CPU Full Speed - 83W

System idle power consumption 52W is not too low.
However, the full speed is only 83W to bring out 32nm advantage.
If you enable C1E, itís only 38W at idle status. I believe itís very low consumption in PC.

3D Performance
Built-in GPU Intel Clarkdale 733MHz
3DMARK 2006 => 1752

CPU SCORE => 8956
GPU SCORE => 281

StreetFighter IV Benchmark
1024 X 768 => 20.62FPS

Intel Clarkdale OC to 1033MHz
3DMARK 2006 => 2223

CPU SCORE => 8909
GPU SCORE => 442

StreetFighter IV Benchmark
1024 X 768 => 26.85FPS

After OC GPU, the 3DMARK 2006 increase 27% and 3DMARK VANTAGE increase 56%.
For the game StreetFighter IV Benchmark, itís also 30% higher.
Even for most mid to high end GAME still cannot run smoothly, itís still helpful for normal 3D GAME performance.
If you pull high CPU/DARM ratio, the GPU OC range will be lower.
Maybe itís caused by Intel integrated GPU into CPU. If you OC the GPU, please watch out this issue.

Main BIOS Tuning Menu, called M.I.T.
I set CPU clock at 180MHz to match DDR3-1800 ratio.

CPU Related Items
C1E is power saving feature. When CPU utilization is low, CPU will lower the frequency automatically.

If your DRAM cannot reach 1800, you can change the ratio at System Memory Multiplier.
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