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Test Configuration
CPU: Intel Core i3-540
VGA: Intel Clarkdale GPU
HD: WD 640AAKS 640GB 7200rpm
POWER: Be Quiet! Straight Power Deluxe 400W
Cooler: Intel original cooler

Default Performance (C1E Disable)
CPU 133.3MHz X 23 => 3067MHz
DDR3 1333.6 CL6 7-6-18 1T 1.400V

Hyper PI 32M X4 => 19m 20.549s
CPUMARK 99 => 478

Nuclearus Multi Core => 11961
Fritz Chess Benchmark => 11.65/5590

CrystalMark 2004R3 => 131958

CPU => 2.56 pts
CPU(Single Core) => 1.03 pts

Windows Experience Index - CPU 7.3

PCMark Vantage => 6333

Compare to previous AMD X4 640. I3-540 performance is lower about 10~25% in many multi-core benchmark.
On the other hand, Spuer PI, CPUMARK for single core performance, its higher around 18~20%.
Windows Experience Index 7.3 is same. PCMark Vantage, i3-540 is higher 2%.
X4 640 4C/4T compares to i3-540 2C/4T, the performance is different by benchmark software identity.

System Idle - 31~32

CPU Full Speed - 52~57
Intel Burn Test v2.4,Stress Level Maximum

The latest 32nm manufacture is really helpful for the temperature.
Even though the original cooler is thin, the full speed temperature is still under 60.
After enabling C1E, the temperature even goes lower. The idle status is only 19~22. Core i3 is very good at idle temperature.

Power Consumption
System Idle - 52W
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