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The ones that do not have an extra power connector can have troubles providing the full 900ma to both ports. Basically no molex/sata/floppy power connector = not a great long term choice. YMMV.

ALL of the various daughter cards use the same NEC controller so there is ZERO dif in performance (right now, the new FL1000s based ones should be out shortly)...EXCEPT when talking about x1 vs x4 cards (all x1s are the same speed...lower than that of the x4 card). The fastest USB 3.0 card right now is the Asus PCIe x4 based U3S6. All the rest are slower. Which ever one you go with don't bother with the mfg'ers website for the drivers. They are always out of date. I get mine from here:

SONY/NEC firmwares

On the x1 side of things I like SIIG and GB. SIIG makes a card and hub combo that allows you to hook up the 5.25 bay hub via INSIDE cables as it has an internal header (with the second being external). I like GBs as it uses solid state caps. With that being said I have used probably most of the rest and they are all decent; it literally just the extras they have that makes the dif.
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