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Default Help me find a usb 3.0 card

I need to find more usb 3.0 addon cards for usb 3.0 ports.
I really want to get the Evga 3.0 card which requires no extra power, I did buy one of these from NCIX but now they seem to be end of lifed. I found two on ebay which I might buy cause the seller seems to of ripped off the UPC's so there stolen or something. If you can help me find a place with them that ships to P.O. Boxes or with USPS/UPS/Puro/Fedex and they must accept paypal, I don't have a credit card or even a prepaid one as the ones here in Mac's (corner store) don't work online. Or even if you can help me find a cheap good usb 3.0 card that is just as good as evga's. I really want one without needing extra power cause that means more cable clutter and makes a mess doesn't it ? We all like our cases clean and tidy right . I already got a usb 3.0 hub but I want to add usb 3.0 ports to my moms soon to be computer and my HTPC has onboard ones but I may need more cause you never know what I'll add to it. So yea thanks in advance for any help, here's the evga card I'm looking for by the way,
EVGA | Products
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