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My System Specs


Originally Posted by draemn View Post
I'm jealous... I couldn't get my CPU power connector to fit through that top left *tiny* gap for better cable management... I had to have the whole flipping cable go across the mobo...

Nice work, but why did you take out the extra HDD bays since they don't get in the way of the PSU? I hope you aren't planning on getting a 2nd 200mm top fan! You have to take EVERYTHING behind the drive bays out (other than the PSU) to install that other top fan... ggrrrrrr.... Are you doing anything other that stock with the case?

Yeah, this case really sucks on the filter part... they really really should have charged you $10 more and just put bloody filters on everything (you need 3-4 extra filters for this case). The only other two drawbacks are construction quality is only acceptable and the last PCI(e) slot on ATX mobos can't be used with a full dual slot card (by about 2mm, so it may be hit or miss without modifying).

Meh, i just cleaned my 1 year old cm690 with 7 fans for the first time and i must say it must have had more pubes and crack flint sucked into that thing then a laundry trap. Not to mention i blow grass in its face all day.
i'm really starting to think a dusty computer is underrated
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