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My System Specs


ACER does not have the best rep.

I saw one of these on Ebay on the same coditon as yours trying to be sold 75 $

Now you go to board or chip or ram

Think is it cheeper to buy/ build a whole new system and are any of the parts in this system worth salavaging.

Salvage list: Hard drive
card reader
Optical drive
Vidio card
Case( maybe)

You have to buy or find borrow from frends parts to swap in and out to find the problem. Boards /cpu /ram

Look on places like KIJIJI or Used (your cittty) you can probaly find a cheep good or bettter computer that will fit your need or one that only neeeds a few things to become realy good.

I think Its time to buy a new good coputer if you can get the mony togetther,
"EVGA hunted down the last dozen or so expats living in Karachi." SKY
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