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Oh, just noticed something else. The engine does NOT select the best possible combination to calculate the average for you ... the team needs to figure out what's the best combo!

Mkultra is now taking up the slot for the GTX580, which prevents FtW from using his GTX580 score to help the team or Mkultra for having his GTX480. So, if you count the scores that are being used for the competition now you get:

1952.05 - GTX580 - Mkultra
1306.54 - GTX570 - Micul
785.42 - GTX460 - Jibz
-> Average = 1348.17

Now, if Mkultra allows FTW to take the GTX580 slot by deleting his submission, the ranking becomes:

1673.49 - GTX580 - FtW
1671.63 - GTX480 - Mkultra
1306.54 - GTX570 - Micul
-> Average = 1550.55
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