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Its a feature of vPro, it won't work unless vPro is set up and enabled, Intel doesn't control it, your company would(if it was a work PC, and if your company uses vPro).

Plus, in order for it to work, the WWAN card(3G) would have to be vPro certified. Its not enabled by default, your company would need to suppport and use vPro infastructe for it to work in the first place, and your WAN card, WWAN card, and network adaptor would ALL have to be vPro certified(very few are, infact I belive only Intel NIC's are).

Don't buy into the FUD people, if you want to get worked up over vPro, there are much scarier features in it than this.

Let me put it this way, if I stole a laptop, I'd take the battery out and before I powered it on I would remove the WWAN and WAN card and BAM, your companies vPro feature defeated. Only theives who steal from companies need be worried.
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