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The Mushkin is a full speed SF1200 SSD. The Vertex 2 is also a Full Speed SF SSD. Both use the same NAND. Both are pretty quick on firmware updates (slight advantage to OCZ...BUT not as big as usual). So both will perform within mfg'ing tolerances. One SSD may have slightly "faster" NAND but its really 6 in one, half dozen in the other. :)

Compared to Corsair the Mushkin dominates. Compared to dominates (and are down right glacial on updates..when they even bother). Compared to the GSkill Phoenix ties it as the Pro is a full speed SF drive, BUT GSkill are down right SLOW on firmware updates. Compared to OWC it ties, BUT OWC are slow on updates and down right horrible on prices AND slow on firmware.
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