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Originally Posted by Supergrover View Post
I got one, nice board for gaming.
And doesn't lock you in to a certain game like the Z-board keysets do.
The specific game keysets do but the keyboard itself comes with a general gaming keyset that you can download the specific game profile for. Also comes with a regular keyset. When you purchase the zboard it comes with the 2 keysets gaming and normal. The only real benifit to the game specific keysets is they look kewl and are labelled for that game. But the gaming keyset has the same game profiles that you can select whenever needed. Actually you can change assignments of keys on the game specific limitted edition keysets also if you don't like the preset ones. Fully customizable I haven't tried the merc but as you can tell I do have a Zboard . I wouldn't switch back to a reg keyboard ever. The zboards can register up to 8 simultaneous keystrokes where reg keyboards are limitted to 2 or 3 I believe. Not that I can accomplish this feat but I do find the board much quicker overall and more responsive than a reg board.
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