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Default My First Overclock

I finally got over my fear of hurting my precious computer and decided gave over clocking a try.

I started in small increments and worked my way up to 3000mhz on stock voltages. Then I gathered my panties and started upping the vcore and managed to get to 3600mhz @ 1.5V (around 1.4Vish after vdroop), but it was really unstable, windows froze and getting it to POST was a 50/50 chance.

I then backed my FSB back to 377 (giving me 3400mhz with a max load temp of 52C) and am now testing away happily in windows. I had Prime 95 running for the better part of 2 hours, then started Orthos because it looks cooler
I'm going to try to go higher after I get some ghetto cooling mods in there for my motherboard and RAM...

e6600 @3.4 w/ Tuniq Tower
Asus P5B
7950Gt 256mb
3x1Gb Mushkin @5-5-5-12
500W Enermax Liberty
CM 690 Case
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