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Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post

try to go for an earthwatts, better unit be it delta or seasonic made.

cool. sammy f3 or wd black for main os drive be it then :)

no worries. also, do wait for other imput, i have my own views on things so do others, and most of the time theyre right as well :p

912/922 cant be beat at 50/80 bucks. the 370 is nice too, but not on the same level. i think you canat least get the 912 ;)...

play it smart and youll do fine. i know a guy who got a 980x and then had no money left for gpu lol, borrowed him my 6850 pair till next pay....
I'm not used to building gaming computers at all. If it was, say, a Music production computer, I'd be set, but gaming... not my forte.

Edit: Liking the look of that WD Caviar. And I'll look at the 912 a bit more.
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