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Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
howdy and welcome. 1156 wise, you either get a nice and relatively cheap i3 and clock it well, or go for an i7 if you need more hp.

nice but expensive case, get a 922 or 912 and put the difference towards a better card, like a 570 or a 6950.

get one ssd, and a 2tb for storage etc

go with 64 if you think youll use over 4 gigs, and get a 2x4gb it of ram

edit : cm 212+ or v6gt for cooler. psu wise, seasonic built,enermaxc..

you still have time for memexpress sale. some nice stuff there

I was looking at the 912 and the 922, then stumbled across the Elite 370. I think that may work for me better.

As for the CPU, I agree, and will probably go for the Core i3 550 and will clock it up a bit. I don't need terrible amounts of power.

Most definately will go 8G of RAM now that you've said it. Will also probably get the ASUS GeForce GTX 570.

PSU will be a 500W OCZ ModXStream.

About the SSD... I'm not sure of them yet, so I don't think I'll jump on that until I'm comfortable with it.

Thanks for the input, dude, much appreciated.
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