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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
I'd give them a call anywise (today might not be the best day for that though.... ;) ) just in case they can see some noise on the connection, and/or maybe they'll get "lucky" and actually catch it dropping offline while they're testing it from their end.

Does your modem have an indication on the front that it's "on-line"? That would be something to keep an eye on to see if it's indicating off-line when you lose connectivity. It won't always indicate properly, but if it does then you're golden when talking to them.

At the very least, if you call them and they can't find anything, the next time you call them they'll have a record of it being an on-going issue.

I will try calling them. yes modem has lights they never indicate that it is offline. Also downloads are not affected (torrent or http) it seems like it just misses the connection with the website it is trying to find is there a better dns provider that you know of?
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