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My System Specs


Iin the list you gave I'd get 8gb instead of 4gb 1600ram since there's isn't much real world difference between ram speed.
Better yet would be 8gb of 1600 :D

you still have a week or so to shop for ram

i wouldn't be so sure about overclocking a cl9 1333 kit to cl9 1600, we're talking about budget ram here, so it's hit or miss

if you plan to OC on SB, ram overclockability won't matter much since you overclock with multiplier only, so ram will stay at the rated speed no matter which cpu speed you'll end up to.

btw just in case you didn't know you NEED a 2500k or 2600K to Overclock on SB, the others have NO oc.(unless you count ~3mhz like an oc).
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