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My System Specs


Originally Posted by xSS4x View Post
Wonder how my Vertex 2 40 GB stands compare to the mushkin, gskill and corsair....
Real world? You would never notice a difference unless you spend most of your time on the computer using a stopwatch... Really, the performance gains with even new SSDs vs. last year's models is very small, at least compared to the jump from HDDs. I think the conclusion says it best, it's time for some new competition. Although, I think that at this point, really high performing SSDs aren't going to be all that much better than budget ones; similar to what we're seeing with DDR3 RAM. At least, unless you're using specialized software that really benefits from a performance increase in a specific component.

Moore's Law is toast pretty soon as well, at least for a silicon microchip. It seems that nearly everywhere you look with PC hardware, we're nearing a performance plateau.
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