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My System Specs


@Guy above me: Well, speaking purely for myself, I have a Seagate 500GB(roughly 6-8 months old) and its running perfectly to date(queue crazy hdd failure), and I have the WD 750GB that I believe you're referring to. So far it seems like a good hdd, but time will tell.

@OP: They both seem like good drives, I have the WD one and my buddy has the Seagate one, both seem about equal in performance, enough so that I can't tell a difference to the eye, and heat generation is about the same.

Edit: I'd go for the WD, but thats just me. Not at NCIX though, RB Computing has it on sale right nowl: :: WD SATAII 750Gb 7200RPM 16Mb Hard Drive, 3Yr

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