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Default 3d samsung tv and glasses, need help

So im going to go out and buy a samsung 3d tv on boxing day. Its a VERY cheap one, normally $1199 but its on for $699 for boxing day. Its a 50" plasma, only 720p but nothing i watch is really 1080p anyways, and it plays video from usb which i can make use of, the 3d is really just an added bonus.

My issue is the fact that it doesnt come with glasses, and the glasses at best buy are 149.99, but there is a kit which is on sale for 199.99 that includes 2 pairs of glasses and a 3d bluray. Im just wondering if anyone here has any information on if these glasses support this tv since the manual doesnt list it, but the pack may have come out after the tv manual.

Tv: Samsung 50" 720p 600Hz 3D Plasma HDTV (PN50C490) : 3D TVs - Best Buy Canada

Glasses kit: Samsung 3D Kit-3D Glasses And Movie (SSG-P2100T/ZA) : 3D TV Accessories - Best Buy Canada

Also if anyone has a better suggestion for a tv under $900 that will be a much better choice that would be great too, but the 3d seems like something i might use.

Edit: Looks like FS and BB have been selling it in a bundle for a deal for a awhile now according to this
Yet on samsungs own site it says the kit and the tv are not compatible with each other. Its probably a long shot but id love to know if anyone here happens to own the two to confirm its working before spending $1000.
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