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Well it would seem that 4 cards will only fit with single-slot spacing, which counts out using the swiftec style. Plus it would just be a mess of hoses. If I run 3 cards, the top one has only single slot spacing.

I have an NZXT Hush, and the rad would be mounted externally on a custom bracket. One big problem is the bottom pci slot only has single slot spacing to the bottom of my case, so I can't have any tubing coming out the bottom. I think the only way I can run 3 or 4 cards is to use the EK or Koolance full coverage blocks, in which case I'll take the EK. I just wonder if my last gpu will get roasting hot because the water is getting pre-heated by the time it gets there. I have seen people run these systems in parallel instead of series, avoiding the pre-heating problem... but that can have issues too.
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