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My System Specs


Originally Posted by turtletrax View Post
Fluance sounds way to close to Nuance for me even imagine buying them. Some of my close friends got hosed on Nuance systems for over 5 grand. I have heard better sound from a 5" coaxial held under water.
While reading up on Fluance, I ran into a few Nuance threads. These are not Nuance, nor are they linked in any way with Nuance.

I'll say now that these are not audiophile quality speakers, nor did I expect them to be. I am using an 8" Sony 100W active sub with these speakers. I gave them a few days to break in at a modest volume level and then gave them a bit of a go with my Cowon mp3 player (sounded great), different music channels on rogers galaxy music stations (analog) and a few movies. My receiver still needs a few adjustments as my centre channel needs to be lowered a bit and my rear channels need to be turned up a bit.
In the reviews that I have read, the 6.5" woofers do lack a bit in the bass department and a powered sub is recommended (but then again a sub is recommended for any sytem). The mids sound ok and the tweeters performed better than I thought they would with crisp clean highs. I have listened to quite a few HTIB speakers and these will beat them hands down. I could easily get evicted from my apartment with these. These are great for a small or medium size room and with a lifetime warranty and a price of around $240-$260 ebay auction or $300 ordered direct, they're a great buy for those who are on a budget. I'm glad I took a chance on them. Great bang for the buck!

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