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Hey I dont want to steal your thread but I am in the same situation. I am looking for a good pair of gpu blocks, considering either the maze 5, or the swiftec ones. My main requirement is thickness, because I have a motherboard with 4 slots and I plan to eventually use them. Right now I have 2 gpu's, will be getting a third in the near future.

My question is how do I know for sure its going to fit without actually buying the items? Do I need one of the EK/Koolance thin full coverage blocks, or can I still use a maze 5 (low profile) on the gpus only? When you're buying 3, this makes the difference between $150 and $330, so its kind of a big deal. Theres also the issue of bending the tubing in such tight loops going from card to card, versus the expense of the fittings to connect the full-coverage blocks to each other.

I'm only doing video cooling in the loop, and I'm thinking of getting a thermochill triple rad. Thermochill is obviously the best right now so its either that or a nice big heater core.
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